Warp Core

Harrah's Casino Interior - New Orleans

Harrah’s Casino Interior – New Orleans

You didn’t know that New Orleans was powered by a matter / antimatter engine, did you. The kind they have on Star Trek to travel at warp speeds. Perhaps they installed it after Hurricane Katrina. I found it hidden away inside the Harrah’s Casino.

They covered the walls of the engine room with ornate decorations and mood lighting. They even built a bar around the warp core. But don’t be fooled.

The room was very dark and, I thought, empty. But after closely examining the photo, I noticed a few patrons. Undoubtedly engineers to monitor the systems. I used my slow wide-angle lens, the Olympus 9-18mm, so even at a 0.2 second shutter, I needed ISO 1250. The PEN-F’s in body image stabilization handled it well.

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