Spontaneous Parties

Street Party - New Orleans, Louisiana

Street Party – New Orleans, Louisiana

Just a few minutes after we checked in and dropped our bags in our hotel room, we ventured outside, on Canal Street, and were met by a happy ruckus. A parade of what looked like random celebratory people danced passed us, lead by a a pair of brass. I jumped into street photography mode, of course.

We were in New Orleans and our first encounter didn’t let us down. We followed the parade into the French Quarter, moving from a typical Central Business District into a distinctly unique part of America with properly scaled old-world architecture. We saw a few parades like this, some with newlywed couples leading the charge. I took it in. Had a blast shooting.

With all the super colorful or at times somber New Orleans coverage, so far, you didn’t expect me to omit monochromes, did you? There’s enough wonderful neon and color to attract, but the grittiness of New Orleans deserves black and white too. And I definitely shot a lot of that.

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