Enticed by Shiny Neon

Jazz Gumbo Neon - New Orleans, Louisiana

Jazz Gumbo Neon – New Orleans, Louisiana

I’ve often mentioned that I love neon. The color, the glow and the down-home old-time feel often adds another dimension to an otherwise drab building. Throw in textured brick and you have all the ingredients for a great urban landscape at night. These visual ingredients are ample supply in New Orleans, particularly in the touristy areas.

This neon was the first to attract, after I left the hotel for some sightseeing. The bright red and green, clearly visible from blocks away, down Canal Street. From the sign, I was hoping it was a restaurant or even a Jazz club. I was disappointed to find a rather common low-rent souvenir store. I suppose the bright sign did it’s job, attracting me to the establishment. Though ultimately, I didn’t buy anything or even step inside.

However, photographically, despite not being a noteworthy music venue of my dreams, there’s certainly visual impact. Shot handheld at 1/10th of a second using the Olympus 9-18mm wide-angle on a Olympus PEN-F. I brought a tripod on this trip but didn’t use it at all. In body image stabilization has both made me lazier and enables more dynamic free form images.

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