Canal Streetcar in Monochrome

Canal Streetcar in Monochrome - New Orleans, Louisiana

Canal Streetcar in Monochrome – New Orleans, Louisiana

Forgive me for posting another streetcar photo from New Orleans, but I love both high-tech modern or vintage trains. The ones in New Orleans are, of course, the vintage variety. Slow and rather primitive but they ooze character, which certainly fits the city.

Unlike my previous Canal Streetcar photo, with the vivid red, this one is a dark and contrasty black and white. I know my friend Mike and some others probably prefer this version anyway. I shot it with my classic street photography 50mm equivalent focal length with a relatively shallow depth of field instead of the super wide-angle.

I like both versions, and while on the surface they are both about streetcars, I think they feel entirely different. Today’s is more street photography like, showing the relationship with people.

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