First Visit to Bourbon Street

Canal Streetcar in Monochrome - New Orleans, Louisiana

Hot Male Strippers, Bourbon Street – New Orleans, Louisiana

As we explored the French Quarter and experience a very satisfactory Creole restaurant, we wandered, quite unexpectedly, on to Bourbon Street. It was more intense than I expected.

As you may know, I frequently shoot around 6th Street, which is the grungy entertainment district in Austin. I’ve also been to Beale Street in Memphis. But Bourbon Street had an intensity that was unmatched by those amateur entertainment districts. It was more crowded than expected, though we just happen to get there around 9:30 on Saturday night.

My younger son, in high school, was slightly taken aback. Not necessarily for the abundance of non-adult like behavior, but rather how crowded it was. Bourbon Street, as I learned, is quite narrow, dirty and full of potholes filled with liquid unknowns. I simultaneously experienced excitement of a wonderful street photography destination and horror as a parent of an inappropriate area for an impressionable high school teenager. After a couple of blocks of Bourbon Street, we veered off into a more reasonable but still eclectic side street.

Our first night in New Orleans was notable. It had an intensity that did not disappoint. Fans of Red and Gold Redskins mixed with the Black Gold Fleur-de-lis of the local Saints for an upcoming football game. Tourist contributed to the local economy with the mantra of “What happens in New Orleans stays in New Orleans”.

I had ambitious plans of coming back here alone, for some street photography. The reality was, after nearly 8+ hours of driving, a comfortable bed had a stronger pull than then grit on the streets. At least I had a few minutes on Bourbon Street.

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