Faile, University of Texas

Faile, University of Texas - Austin, Texas

Faile, University of Texas – Austin, Texas

When I was walking around the University of Texas campus, late last year, testing my new Canon G7X Mark II, I noticed this mural. I thought it was interesting, in a graphic arts kind of way, and it seemed to work well contrasting against the modernist structure and the faded turquoise. A little research revealed that this is more than a run of the mill artwork.

I looked up Faile, which turned out to be a significant collective of street art, which started in Brooklyn back in 1999. There’s a significant Wikipedia entry on them showcasing works from around the world. Goes to show how an unnoticed, for most, work turns out to have a significant history. It makes me wonder how many innocuous things I encounter daily are much more than they seem.

I also got this looking better than I thought, with its flat and precise architectural framing, which I think, works well for this kind of image. I shot this at a 100mm equivalent and slight post processing from Capture One ensured that it was corrected for horizontal and vertical perspective shifts. Somehow, the artwork and no-nonsense architecture gives it more of a European sensibility for me.

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