Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero, Main Event - Austin, Texas

Guitar Hero, Main Event – Austin, Texas

We celebrated my younger son’s 15th birthday this weekend. A total of seven teenagers over at Main Event for some bowling and arcade games. Afterwards, most of them came for a sleep over. I’m happy to report that we survived the event and everyone seemed to have a good time. Gone are the days when we need a separate party room with special accommodations. We just rented some lanes and then headed over for electronic entertainment. Many had not bowled or played arcades in a while. It was good retro fun.

As the self-appointed photographer, I had to figure out what cameras to bring and defaulted to my usual, hoping that it would be adequate. Years ago, I remembered trying to take pictures at these places and struggled mightily. The Olympus PEN-F and E-M5 Mark II did well. Surprisingly, the Canon G7X Mark II did very well, too. The snaps worked better than expected and I had a built-in flash, when needed. I even shot some HD video.

Even with the multitude of new video games, my son and friends seem to like an old favorite, Guitar Hero. Our home version had died long ago and they remembered how much fun it was. This shot came out great with the Canon G7X Mark II. I even used the JPEG, though I tweak it a bit in post.

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