Wedding Parade

Wedding Parade - New Orleans, Louisiana

Wedding Parade – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans seems to have parades at a drop of hat. I witnessed several in the short time I was there. They make an exciting ruckus as they travel through downtown, sometimes with even a police escort. We were heading back to the hotel when I saw this wedding parade on Canal Street. I jumped at the opportunity to do some photography on the streets.

I like the flare in the first photo, sort of what you get with the sun, but in this case it was lights from a police car. It was about 10:30 at night. I think it gives sort of an atmospheric glow.

Wedding Parade - New Orleans, Louisiana
Wedding Parade - New Orleans, Louisiana

I took a bunch more photos but shooting on a dark street with constantly moving people made it challenging. The Olympus PEN-F with the 25mm f1.4 lens did decently though.

I’m guessing that the musicians who led the parade and perhaps the photographer might be part of a package deal. I think I saw another wedding parade a couple of days before this one. What a wonderful way to celebrate your special day with the city. It seemed like a bunch of people, not connected to the wedding party, just followed along, which added to the festivities.

I, of course, was joining in the parade too, though I was walking backwards shooting at the front of the line. Making sure to not get in the way of the real wedding photographer.

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