On the Street, San Francisco

On the Street - San Francisco, California

On the Street – San Francisco, California

I liked how this Cinematic turned out on the streets of San Francisco, from the gesture of the couple to the hot dog vendor fulfilling an order. It has that wide-angle sweep that really puts the viewer into the frame. I created this in Union Square, an upscale park and shopping district in the heart of downtown.

I found making Cinematics a hit or miss proposition, mainly because I don’t see the entire frame when I shoot the photo. For landscapes with not much movement, the effect is easier to achieve. But for street photographs, getting unintended extraneous details makes or breaks the image. Here, I never saw the hot dog vendor, but including him adds that extra dimension, as does the counter balancing man going up the stairs.

If I continue with these Cinematics, perhaps I’ll get a lot better at seeing the entire scene with my eyes and only roughly framing with the rear LCD. I only see about 75% of the frame anyway, so the LCD is truly an approximation.

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3 thoughts on “On the Street, San Francisco

  1. I had to go back through your posts to the Chinese New Year post to try and understand what you mean by only seeing 75% of the frame. Are you saying that when you set the ratio to 16:9, the camera doesn’t crop the frame top and bottom but actually expands the view without showing it in the viewfinder/screen? So you must end up with a much larger file then, is that correct? This seems so strange. It suggest that in the standard aspect ratio, the camera only uses a portion of the sensor and if so, why? Or have I completely misunderstood what’s going on?
    I had a film camera many years ago that had a non-functioning viewfinder which made composition difficult and frustrating. What you’re describing sounds like it would give me similar levels of frustration as I am not a fan of cropping in post-editing 🙂

    1. Cedric, if you set the aspect ratio on the camera, you can seen the entire “normal” JPEG frame on the back screen. Everything works as expected. But a 16×9, in this case, is actually reducing the visible area of the default 2×3 aspect ratio, by cropping into it.

      What I discovered is, when I shoot in RAW, the combination of the optics and sensor captures way more information than is normally show on rear LCD (hence the 75% view) or in a JPEG.

      I’m actually extending out the default crop to get the wide 16×9 aspect ratio in post using the RAW software (Capture One). Capture One also does distortion correction, that’s why the extended frame, normally out of view, looks pretty decent optically, though not perfect.

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