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Memorial Cenotaph and Atomic Bomb Dome - Hiroshima, Japan

Memorial Cenotaph and Atomic Bomb Dome – Hiroshima, Japan

From the curvature framing the photo, you might recognized this as the Memorial Cenotaph, which I featured in yesterday’s post. As I mentioned yesterday, the opening of the Cenotaph aligns with the Peace Flame and Atomic Bomb Dome.

The dome skeleton and building ruin are hard to miss but the Peace Flame is a challenge. In the center of the horizontal modern bridge like structure, a flame has burned continuously since 1964. The flame will remain lit until all nuclear bombs on the planet are destroyed.

A color photograph makes the flame easier to spot, but the monochrome treatment in this series seems to match the seriousness of the place. I used my 14-150mm travel zoom, shot at a 160mm equivalent, to make this compressed view.

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