Red Shutters

Red Shutters - Utrecht, Netherlands

Red Shutters – Utrecht, Netherlands

This scene stood out graphically, architecturally and photographically. There’s a color contrast, of course, but much more. The stone and windows are accented nicely with the simple red shutters. The repeating elements also work for well for photography. The bicycles maybe a giveaway that this is in The Netherlands. Utrecht to be precise.

I often shoot perfectly perpendicular to architectural details, which is more challenging for me than it may seem. It’s easy to have something a little out of whack. Capture One’s auto-straightening tool worked well in this case, and better than what my manual efforts can produce. Being an old building with uneven lines makes straightening things all the more difficult.

One of the weakness of JPEGs, from the Fujifilm X100S, are the reds — they tend to be orange-ish. But, no such problem here. The reds, which I’ve further boosted, look richly gorgeous. The weak red problem seems to show up more in neon and other glowing lights.

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7 thoughts on “Red Shutters

  1. Love the reds. The picture is similar to the jigsaw puzzles I do. I find this sort of picture easier to do even in 400 pieces due the repeating color pattern. Thanks for sharing.

  2. As a hater of fake shutters (am I really the only one who deeply dislike fake shutters who’s dimensions are grossly different from the window? My wife thinks I am a little weird about it)…………………I love that picture!

    1. Living in the U.S., I’m used to fake shutters. Though, in Austin, Texas, I don’t see them as often, unlike the New England, the home of the neocolonial architecture.

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