Simulated Gliding

Simulated Gliding, Rodeo Austin - Austin, Texas

Simulated Gliding, Rodeo Austin – Austin, Texas

You would have to pay me good money to get me to ride something like this. Though, this one seems less intimidating than the other rides I saw at Rodeo Austin. I can tolerate lateral forces better than sudden drops.

Not all of my works are original and truth be told, I’m sure none of my photographs break any new ground. I was at the carnival with my friend Chuck and he made a photograph similar to this. I borrowed his idea and made my own. Timing a perfect shot is difficult and it took multiple attempts to get a composition that I like.

These rides make me want to shoot Coney Island in NYC. The history and street photography opportunities seem compelling. I don’t ever remember going to Coney Island when I lived in New York; maybe I did when I was small. Honestly, I really didn’t like New York when I grew up there. And, it was during its dark days in the ’60s through the mid-’80s. But, as a photographer, it would’ve been interesting. Now, I would love to spend many months shooting New York. I’m sure at some level the urban grit of NY is in my blood, which has influenced my urban-based photo interests.

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2 thoughts on “Simulated Gliding

  1. Your photo definitely captures peak action and carries with it a bit of the sensation being experienced by the person in the second glider. As to Coney Island – I had the great luck to go there several times as a little kid in the late 1940s and early ‘50s. It was a magical place. A bit tacky, but magical nonetheless. Today? I’m afraid its more of an urbex photo zone. An episode or two of “I, Robot” will make that clear.

    1. Hi Mike, thanks for your visit and comment. I’m sure Coney Island has changed tremendously over the years and not always for the better. Urbex can be interesting too, I suppose.

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