Eeyore’s 2019 with the Olympus XZ-1

Mermaid at Eeyores - Austin, Texas

Mermaid at Eeyores – Austin, Texas

I’ve blogged for the last week or so about this vintage point and shoot from 2011. I rebought the Olympus XZ-1 after re-discovering its special powers from my 2013 archive, which I’ve posted recently. Today, we have fresh pictures from 2019 and are jumping back to Eeyore’s Birthday Party for a day.

Shooting mid-day in a bright sunny field is not great for any camera, but I think the XZ-1 did a good job. In fact, compared to my Olympus PEN-F, which was my main camera that day, I got richer colors.

Mermaid at Eeyore's - Austin, Texas
Mermaid at Eeyore's - Austin, Texas

About a month and a half ago, I teased about lovely color from a new camera. The XZ-1 is that new camera, with the old by notable CCD sensor technology that’s no longer used. But in good light, the rich saturated colors adds a dimension missing from the flat and clinical colors of modern cameras.

I spilled the details about my new fun camera first in my free monthly newsletter and featured this mermaid photo, along with another more technically impressive photo that I’ll talk about another day.

Aguas Frescas, Eeyore's Birthday Party - Austin, Texas
Dancing, Eeyore's Birthday Party - Austin, Texas

I wished I made more photos with the XZ-1, seeing how well they turned out. The XZ-1 was just a peripheral camera at Eeyore’s and I opted to shoot mostly with the faster and newer PEN-F. I suppose a skilled post-processor can mimic the look of the XZ-1 from modern day RAWs. But that’s a lot of extra work and there may still be subtle differences.

The main take-way with the XZ-1 experiment is that old cameras, even from eight-years-ago, can be worthwhile picture making devices. You don’t always need the latest and greatest camera. In fact, making good photos with old cameras can be more fun and satisfying because of the extra challenge and for people on a budget, an accessible tool for serious photography.

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