Lovely Color from a New Camera

Jeep at Shoal Creek Saloon - Austin, Texas

Jeep at Shoal Creek Saloon – Austin, Texas

I made this picture as I walked to Eeyore’s Birthday Party, last Saturday. I parked at the flagship Whole Foods Market, as usual, and walked north on Lamar Blvd to Pease Park. It’s been two years since I’ve been here; I missed Eeyore’s last year, recuperating from my surgery. There were many subtle changes on Lamar but nothing dramatic. This scene is relatively untouched by the explosive downtown growth.

As the title suggests, I made this image with a new camera. One that I’m not going to reveal as the time. Yes, yet another camera; one that I’ve considered for a while. I really like how it renders colors and the sharp lens has a certain glow to it, even in the daytime. It’s not one of those muted, boring cameras. It uses a special technology that’s not very common these days.

I will certainly feature more dramatic photos soon both from this camera and from Eeyore’s. This is a distinctly mundane picture, I suppose. But, it’s a nice slice of Austin in 2019. I was first attracted to the three red signs but a Jeep conveniently pulled up to add foreground interest. Consider how there’s life to the color even in the harsh midday sun. It’s the worst time of day to make a photograph.

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