Drink and Click Portrait: Milan

Milan, Drink and Click Portrait - Austin, Texas

Milan, Drink and Click Portrait – Austin, Texas

This is day two of my multiple-part series in a new portrait style that I created at Drink and Click. This was the first time I made portraits like this and I ran into some challenges. Some I expected, but others were unanticipated.

One such unanticipated challenge was the resulting skin color. I thought that with a constant and consistent light source, the color temperature would look the same across the different portraits. Not true, at least for me. I suppose if I were really serious about this, I could’ve used a ColorChecker Passport or at least a gray card. For consistency, I should’ve manually set exposure and do a custom white balance. I did none of these things. Of course, that assumes constant color from the light, which might not be a valid assumption either.

As a result, the skin tone is this photo came through as a rather sickly greenish-yellow. It took some post-processing to create a healthier and more palatable color. So the reality is, this is my interpretation of Milan’s skin color. Though, if you get philosophical, I suppose all photography is an interpretation at one level or another.

I met Milan a couple of times previous to this outing. She was more than happy to do this portraiture experiment with me. Again, very different from my usual black and white environmental portraits, but worth a try if only to explore creative options.

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