The Symbol of Trinity

Murchison Tower, Trinity University - San Antonio, Texas

Murchison Tower, Trinity University – San Antonio, Texas

No coverage of Trinity University is quite complete without a photo that includes the Murchison Tower. This tower, in the center of campus, is the university’s symbol and is part of the school’s logo. You can see from my frequent coverage of Trinity, that I’ve included it into my pictures, one way or another.

You may think the tower is easy to photograph, but because it’s so skinny, I find it challenging to balance the composition. I need something else to fill out the frame. In the first photo, I used the branches and the clouds to deviously frame the tower.

Murchison Tower, Trinity University - San Antonio, Texas

For this second photo, I have the landscape to fill out the base and use the clouds again to fill the remaining space.

As you can tell, it was a brilliantly sunny day, and I switched my Fuji X-A2 to program mode. Something I rarely do, but I was a bit lazy. I usually shoot with shutter priority. Oddly, the camera picked f18 and f13 for the aperture, which is not ideal. A very large f-number is supposed to diminish image quality because of diffraction.

What I should have done is use aperture priority and set it to f8. That would have optimized that image. In reality, however, I don’t know how much sharper it would’ve been. Both pictures came out pretty good, with post-processing. I extensively brightened the shadows and recovered the highlights since I was shooting into the sun. The dynamic range was more than adequate on this modest four-year-old consumer camera.

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