Mojiganga, Mexic-Arte Museum - Austin, Texas

Mojiganga, Mexic-Arte Museum – Austin, Texas

As part of my son’s high school Spanish project, the family and I went downtown to the Mexic-Arte Museum. I brought my casual Fuji camera along, the X-A2, both to document his visit and to hopefully capture worthy images.

The timing was fortuitous, with the upcoming Dia de los Muertos, the Mexican Day of the dead, celebration. In Austin, the museum sponsors a big parade through downtown, which is happening on October 26th. I’m planning to go.

I’m assuming this creature is a bat, which is made of paper mache and is called a Mojiganga. This and others are featured in the parade, but I got to photograph it in a quiet and controlled setting.

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3 thoughts on “Mojiganga

  1. Spectacular! My wife began picking up bits and pieces of vividly painted Oaxacan carving when we lived in California years ago. We still have giant psychedelic shrimp and red, blue, and yellow zebra-striped deer (with green antlers) baying at the moon on the shelves of a living room bookcase. The artists…or their ancestors who established the tradition…must have had more than a passing familiarity with some powerful hallucinogens.

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