The Gallery is Open

The Gallery is Open - Austin, Texas

The Gallery is Open – Austin, Texas

I was back at this year’s East Austin Studio Tour (EAST) recently and had a great time. While the event has been around for a while, I went to my first EAST last year. I met artists, made photographs, and got a big boost of creative inspiration. Just being around creatives and people who appreciate them infuses me with energy.

Like last year, I made portraits of artists, but differently. I’ll show you those photos later. But for today, I’m offering this Art-ish image as a teaser for my upcoming coverage.

I’m switching up my blog coverage again and heading back to India for my final set of photos. When we last left off, two months ago, I had arrived in Mysore and just toured a temple. This time, I’ll be heading to two palaces and will feature more street photography. It’s already a year since I went to India and Singapore, and despite many posts, I still haven’t gotten through all my photos. Something tells me I take too many photos.

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4 thoughts on “The Gallery is Open

  1. How did you transform the photograph into this? I like the vibrancy of the colours, and the reflection in the window glass on the back of the woman adds the three-dimensionality to make the image more interesting. Good job.

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