Friendly Vendors

Friendly Vendors - Mysore, India

Friendly Vendors – Mysore, India

My experience in India was overwhelmingly positive, both for photography and everything else, for that matter. Yes, there’s pollution in the large cities, it can be extremely crowded, and the infrastructure is decidedly third world, but the people are very friendly. And, as it usually is in most places, people are friendlier away from the big cities.

Ironically, the only negative experience I had was at this market in Mysore. A vendor was trying to sell me something, but I ignored him. Perhaps he was a little put out, and he followed me for a while and was making comments. After many years of living in Austin, I’ve become pretty laid back. But, I can revert to my native New Yorker mode when needed. I was ready to confront him but decided instead to ignore him. Eventually, he went away.

No such trouble with the people in this photo, however. They were friendly as can be, even hamming it up for the camera. I suppose there is always an element of risk in anything, including street photography. But, I don’t take big risks, and so far, I’ve encountered very few unpleasantries.

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