Going Bananas

Going Bananas - Mysore, India

Going Bananas – Mysore, India

I’ve never seen this many bananas.

As I explored the Devaja Fruit market in Mysore, I saw row after row of stands selling a variety of fruit. Just conventional stands really, though a lot of them. I turn a corner, and I ran into this impressive sight. Now, that’s a fruit market. Perhaps this is the wholesale area.

The interior looks nice and grungy too, and magnified by this gritty black and white. With the bright light in the distance, it’s hard to see how far it extends, giving that infinite banana appearance. This is yet another example of a timeless image, with no visual clues as to when it was taken. I made it in 2018, but I wonder if it looked any different 10, 20, or even 50 years ago?

Not seen in this version, obviously, is the color of the bananas. Logically, the ripe yellow ones are closest to the walkway. The ones on the shelves look rather green.

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