Ninja Style Kungfu Grip

Ninja Style Kungfu Grip, Downtown Bridge - Austin, Texas

Ninja Style Kungfu Grip, Downtown Bridge – Austin, Texas

I don’t know when the immortal words “Ninja Style Kungfu Grip” first graced this bridge, but it’s been up there for a while. It’s become part of the downtown scene. This is a bridge mainly for freight trains, though an Amtrak passenger train may pass through once a day.

I made this during my first downtown test of the Fujifilm GFX 50R that I’ve featured for the last several days. It’s shot from the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge about an hour before this blue hour skyline.

Yesterday, I talked about a different approach to street photography, by doing extreme crops into a 51MP file to yield surprisingly sharp and detailed photographs. I did the same for today’s urban landscape. With only a 50mm equivalent prime lens, I’m limited in my framing. I effectively zoomed in by cropping, yielding a precisely framed bridge at 24MP. Interestingly, at 24MP, this is higher in resolution than any of my other cameras, except for the GFX 50R, of course.

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