Talee, Environmental Portrait

Talee, Environmental Portrait - Austin, Texas

Talee, Environmental Portrait – Austin, Texas

Yesterday, I featured portraits of Anna and Talee that I made inside the new Precision Camera South store. It was the grand opening, and the store had setups so customers could create portraits.

It was an excellent opportunity to test my newest camera, the Fujifilm GFX 50R. However, I prefer environmental portraits to studio setups — available light, everyday backgrounds, and non-model poses. I got the chance later in the day when I notice Talee outside. She was gracious enough to pose naturally. And, what can be more natural than a young person with their ubiquitous smartphone.

ATalee, Environmental Portrait - Austin, Texas

I like both the color and black and white versions, so I have both. I shot the photograph in RAW and did the black and white conversion in post with Capture One 20. Over the years, I’ve dialed in my monochromatic style, and the pliable Fuji GFX 50R files converted well.

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