Pretty Flowers and Sunshine Dedicated to my Dad

Pretty Flowers and Sunshine - Austin, Texas

Pretty Flowers and Sunshine – Austin, Texas

With the ongoing pandemic so many of our life events, happy and sad, have gone virtual. Such is the case with my father, who passed away about a week ago, which I talked about yesterday. I couldn’t meet him in person in his last weeks, or go to his funeral, so I’m sending these virtual online flowers.

I think it’s customary to have flowers during funerals, though perhaps not pink roses. But, as I explained a couple of days ago, my dad loved taking pictures of flowers, especially in his later years. This photograph is dedicated to him, and I think he would’ve liked it — they are colorful and pretty. The sunshine adds an extra boost of warmth and love.

All considered, living to nearly 88 is very good, beating the averages. Especially for someone who has lived with diabetes for over 40 years. I thank my mom for the strict but loving attention to dietary detail. It enabled him to thrive for so long with the disease.

However, I thought he would live longer, at least into his 90s. My dad was active, taking daily walks, and even going to the gym twice a week. His mother, my grandmother, lived until about 107. Both his older brothers are still alive, and I think they are currently 92 and 90.

My dad had subscribed to my blog, and waited for his daily emails; I think he mainly looked at the pictures. Wherever he is now, I hope he still sees my blog posts. Here are some pretty flowers for you to enjoy.

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6 thoughts on “Pretty Flowers and Sunshine Dedicated to my Dad

  1. Hi, I have been reading your blog for years, from your time with epm2, I came here because it was the camera I longed for in that period. Your blog has silently served me as learning and inspiration; Last year I got an XZ-1 just for your posts.

    Although I only know you from your blog, I regret your loss and the moment it occurs.

    Just today two years ago I lost one of my best friends and when I remember him I still have a hard time understanding him.

    I see my parents grow old, my 12-year-old dog starting to prostrate himself due to his hip dysplasia and I take a deep breath, knowing that there is an inevitable countdown.

    I feel that the only thing we have left is to enjoy the moments with our loved ones while they are, to have the peace of mind that we gave and did everything in our power to help them and make them happy.

    By chat, in the detail of the photo of flowers that he would like, you gave what you could in these adverse times.

    Hopefully your near ones, the time and the photography help to appease this difficult moment.

    A hug from Chile.

    PS: Sorry for my English.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful message, Cristián. I’m so happy that I have a fan from Chile, and your English is great. Much better than my Spanish. I think through photos, we capture and keep memories of our loved ones forever. Keep on taking pictures and enjoy the company of your loved ones everyday.

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