Big Box Sunshine

Sunshine and Target Personal Care Aisle - Austin, Texas

Sunshine and Target Personal Care Aisle – Austin, Texas

For the past couple of days, I’ve been showing photos with sunshine, my current mini-series. Did you notice anything different about those photos? For the most part, I think they looked pretty natural, especially the one with the flowers that I dedicated to my dad. But, as you can tell from today’s post, the sunshine has been completely fabricated. I’m not usually a fan of in-camera filter effects, but I really relish this sunshine effect on the Panasonic GM1.

During this current pandemic, economic slowdown, and assorted personal challenges, I’m especially keen on creating cheerful pictures, even if they are simulated. Even dull big box interiors can be spruced up with this effect. So with camera in hand, I made some images during my limited outings to buy food.

My first stop was Target. From the personal care aisle to kid’s clothing, why not add a bit of glow and sunlight to the scene.

Sunshine and Target Clothing - Austin, Texas
Sunshine and Target Grapefruit - Austin, Texas

I think the effect works particularly well near natural things like this grapefruit.

Sunshine and Target Plastic Plants - Austin, Texas

However, even plastic plants work.

Sunshine and Target Toys - Austin, Texas

The colorful beach balls, while corralled, look inviting and summery.

Sunshine and Costco Flowers - Austin, Texas
Sunshine and Costco Pharmacy - Austin, Texas

I made pictures at Costco too. The plants above are not plastic, but real. And, the pharmacy aisle never looked better.

Sunshine and Whole Foods Oranges - Austin, Texas

Finally, some more bright sunshine over oranges at Whole Food Market. I hope you appreciated my little experiment with artificial sunshine.

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3 thoughts on “Big Box Sunshine

  1. Nice!
    You know you can get the same effect, although random placement, by just putting a hole in the GM1 bellows! 🙂

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