Park Sunshine

Sunshine and Park - Austin, Texas

Sunshine and Park – Austin, Texas

Continuing with my sunshine mini-series, we’re somewhere a bit more natural than the big box retailers that I featured yesterday. Though, arguably, not nearly as creative as having sunshine inside a store.

I visited a park, making sure to properly social distance, although it wasn’t very crowded. The warm Texas spring, the exploding green, and the calm water made things bucolic. Yes, this is Texas — at least Austin. I don’t live in the middle of a desert, which is the common misconception of Texas. It’s a big enough state that we have many different ecosystems.

The sunshine is simulated again, like in the last three blog posts, but certainly blends better with the surroundings. The effect is courtesy of an in-camera filter in the Panasonic GM1, which seems more worthwhile than the standard filters you get.

Sunshine and Park - Austin, Texas
Sunshine and Park - Austin, Texas

Look at the position of the sun, and you notice its different in each photograph. I’m able to position it via the touch screen and even set three different sizes. I can even change its color, though I didn’t do that. I made subtle post-processing changes to the JPEG afterward.

The sun is only displayed in the JPEG. If you also shoot RAW, you get a regular photograph without the effect.

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