Socially Distanced Chipotle

Socially Distanced Chipotle - Austin, Texas

Socially Distanced Chipotle – Austin, Texas

Back when I used to go to the office to work, which seems like ages ago, I would have lunch at Chipotle once, maybe twice a week. A healthy choice for the most part, and being rather pattern-oriented, I’ve done this for a while.

With the pandemic, all my usual patterns have changed, except, for the daily blogging, of course. I haven’t gone into the office for nearly three months, and I don’t go out to eat. When you can cook at home and have ready access to make tacos and other tasty Tex-Mex concoctions, Chipotle is no longer relevant.

But, I went to Chipotle once last month to collect my hard-earned meal. I was dutifully collecting my Chipotle points every time I ate there for lunch. With the high bar of 1250 points, it took some 16 visits to get my free meal reward. Except that free meal was set to expire in May.

So, with a mask on, socially distanced 6+ feet, and with my compact Panasonic GM1, I was off to Chipotle. The meal was decent, the picture documented the times, and I got a story for the blog. What’s not to like.

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