View from the First Street Bridge

View from the First Street Bridge - Austin, Texas

View from the First Street Bridge – Austin, Texas

I made it down to the river by the start of the blue hour, which was my primary objective — my preferred way to test my new 50mm lens. I bought the Fuji GFX50R as an urban landscape camera and for the occasional portrait. Maybe someday, if I get out to the country, I might even try my hand at traditional landscapes.

This was back in February when I first got the 50mm. I was also there several weeks earlier with the 63, but that lens didn’t frame the scene the way I wanted. The 63mm is equivalent to a traditional 50mm on the Fuji GFX. It was too tight to include both the skyline and the walkway. This 50mm, which gives a slightly broader 40mm perspective, provides me 20% extra room. Tt’s still barely enough, however, to frame this scene.

Admittedly, this is far from ideal, and I would prefer a wider-angle for my urban landscapes. Fuji makes a 32mm-64mm 2X zoom — it’s hefty and pricy. I’m not getting it for a while. I’ll make do with the two lenses, and push myself to make more creative compositions.

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