West Austin Skyline

West Austin Skyline - Austin, Texas

West Austin Skyline – Austin, Texas

As in life, things are relative. Yesterday, I talked about my new Fuji 50mm f3.5 lens being barely wide enough to capture the scene, and that I was hoping to get a wider lens someday. However, seen from this vantage point, this 40mm equivalent on my Fuji GFX 50R is more than wide enough. I get an adequate slice of the West Austin skyline.

The bridge in the picture is the First Street Bridge that I blogged about yesterday. I like how we see the last gasps of sunset, reflected pink on the horizontal clouds, as the blue hour takes over. The blues contrast nicely again the golden lights of the city.

I made this from about the same spot as this photograph from a couple of months ago. Though the framing is different, you can tell how much wider this 40mm equivalent is compared to the 50mm equivalent I used previously.

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5 thoughts on “West Austin Skyline

  1. I think if I had a GFX50R, I’d leave the GF50mm permanently attached. I love that field of view. I bought a used XF27mmF2.8 for my X-T2 and I’m having a blast using it.

    1. Khürt, the 50mm is small and works so nicely on the GFX 50R. I’m definitely using it more than the 63mm. However, I do prefer the 63 for portraits. For travel and street photography, I think the 50mm will be great.

      1. The challenge is that compared to other options, the GFX50R and GF50mm are neither affordable ($4000) nor light (almost 2.5 lbs). I can’t imagine using that on the street all day when compared to using an X100V for example.

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