Downtown Approaching Blue Hour

Downtown Approaching Blue Hour - Austin, Texas

Downtown Approaching Blue Hour – Austin, Texas

I got to my intended destination, the Congress Avenue Bridge. That’s the famous bridge in Austin that houses the largest urban bat colony in the world. We are looking at the same cluster of buildings that I showed two days ago, except from a different vantage point and with the deep colors of the approaching blue hour. The bridge you see in the picture is where I shot that skyline.

I made this picture about 30 minutes after. You can see that the sunset color is nearly faded as blue hour takes over. However, I like how the lower floors of the buildings still reflect the western orange light.

I was in full tripod mode, shooting for 8 seconds at ISO 100, to create the highest quality image. As I mentioned before, the big downside of these small blog photos is that you don’t get to experience the details on a 5K monitor. You’ll have to believe me when I say that at full resolution, I can see the decorative cement patterns on the side of that bridge — that’s what 51MP will give you. What you can see, however, even at this modest size, is the brilliant color and the sparkle of the city.

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