Wine Selection

Wine Selection, Whole Foods Market - Austin, Texas

Wine Selection, Whole Foods Market – Austin, Texas

As you can see, I’ve changed things up today, moving from black and white urban photos to something a bit more colorful. I’m back to showing everyday photos that I’ve made during this unprecedented pandemic. I’m using a different camera too, something a lot more petite and friendlier to shoot inside a store. The Fuji GFX 50R is small for a medium format camera, but certainly not compact by any standard measure.

This is at Whole Food Market, which is a place I usually don’t shop. They are jokingly known as whole paycheck — it’s not an inexpensive store. However, at the hight of the lockdown, their lines were shorter and better stocked than other supermarkets. We shopped there for certain harder to find items.

I know they are now part of Amazon, but as an Austinite for 29 years, I consider Whole Foods as a local chain. They started with a single store near downtown Austin back in 1980.

Sometimes, their prices surprise us, however. While this colorful assortment of wines might look enticing, we found the very modest Three Wishes brand for $2.99. My wife and I enjoy wine but are far from experts. But, this 3 buck wine tastes good to us. And, I figure it can’t be too bad if they sell it at Whole Foods.

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4 thoughts on “Wine Selection

      1. I no longer eat beef. Veggie burgers are loaded with carbohydrates and almost always taste like beans.😀

        The impossible meat allows me, a person with type 1 diabetes, to enjoy a burger with a bun that tastes like a burger. Lettuce wraps fall apart.

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