Cesar Chavez Street Leading Lines

Cesar Chavez Street Leading Lines - Austin, Texas

Cesar Chavez Street Leading Lines – Austin, Texas

I’m in the the same parking lot as yesterday’s, in the northernmost edge of the Rainey Street District. I’ve blogged a lot about this rapidly changing area, and today I’m wrapping up the coverage.

When it comes to urban photography, leading lines are a go-to for visual interest. Here, at the edge of the parking lot along Cesar Chavez Street, we have several elements creating distinct leading lines to the downtown skyscrapers.

The two tallest towers from this vantage point form a gateway of sorts to this part of town. The building on the right is new, the downtown Marriott hotel, just being finished. The tower on the left is the Four Season’s Residences, which was completed ten years ago.

I like that both towers are of similar height. There is a balance that tickles my order seeking brain.

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