Cesar Chavez Gateway

Cesar Chavez Gateway - Austin, Texas

Cesar Chavez Gateway – Austin, Texas

It took me several tries to make this photograph. I ran to the middle of the street with a camera on the tripod. During the red light, I framed and shot, but could only manage one photo during a light cycle. The challenge was to get everything squared with the buildings in the middle. Today’s photo is somewhat similar to this photo that I posted a month ago.

This is Cezar Chavez Street, which used to be 1st street. The tall building on the left, the new Marriott Hotel, is just being completed. It balances and complements the Four Seasons Residences, which opened in 2010. The two towers form a visual gateway when entering the heart of downtown from the east.

The round building on the right is the southeast corner of the Convention Center. It’s on the opposite side from this image, which I posted yesterday. While the Convention Center spans from first to 4th Street, there are plans to enlarge it, even more, expanding west for another block.

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