West Side Cesar Chavez

West Side Cesar Chavez - Austin, Texas

West Side Cesar Chavez – Austin, Texas

Most of the black and white downtown Austin coverage to date, with the Fujifilm GFX 50R, has been on the east side of the central business district. In Austin, when you talk about the east side, most consider Interstate 35 as the dividing line. However, technically, Congress Avenue is the real delineation point.

Today, I’m distinctly on the west side, far from Congress Avenue. Back at the end of March, when the roads were extra quiet, I wanted to get a different perspective for my A Changing Austin series.

I’ve shown you the Cesar Chavez Gateway. Travel a mile west on that road, and you get to today’s area. Here you see the densest and newest set of skyscrapers in Austin.

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