Baseball Stand and Skyscrapers

Baseball Stand and Skyscrapers - Austin, Texas

Baseball Stand and Skyscrapers – Austin, Texas

I was oddly fascinated by this baseball stand and the skyscrapers poking out in the background. So much so that I made several different frames in both landscape and portrait orientation. Perhaps, someday I’ll post those.

For today, I went with the one that balanced the stand and the fencing. Even though this is a busy image with power lines, poles, and skyscrapers, not to mention the complicated subject, I think there is a harmony of sorts in the frame.

From the positioning and size of The Independent, currently Austin’s tallest building, located near the center of the frame, you can tell I’ve traveled even more west from yesterday’s photo. I wonder in a few years, how many more towers will fill the empty spots in this skyline.

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8 thoughts on “Baseball Stand and Skyscrapers

  1. The Fujifilm GFX 50R does a stunning job with your architecture B+W’s, Andy. Is the GF50mm f3.5 a prime? Same 35mm equivalency? The focal length works very well.

      1. It seemed like it was a bit wider than 50mm. I have the 20mm f1.8 (old) F-mount prime, and the F 50mm f1.8. My 35mm prime is a crop (from my D7000). I’m still testing the Z 5’s 24-50mm 4-6.3 kit lens. Fortunately, IBIS allows for better low light. If it made enough difference, I might look for a 40mm prime some day. I’ll stow this away for future reference, thanks!

      2. I want to go wider but so far I only have two lenses for the GFX. The GF63 and GF50, which gives a 50mm and 40mm equivalent view respectively.

        The GF50 is the least expensive and smallest lens on the GFX system.

  2. Any comparative thoughts between these two prime lenses?

    Do you bring them both along; or just select one ahead of time, and shoot with it?

    Would you still prefer the 40mm equivalent over, say, a 35mm equivalent (if one were available) for your B+W architecture work?


    1. Hi Chris,

      I’m still in the early stages of building out my GFX lens collection. For architecture, I rather go wider, ever wider than a 35mm equivalent. However, the GF50 f3.5 was really inexpensive. I got it for $500 and it normally runs $1000. And, it is the smallest lens. It’s a great versatile lens for everyday use.

      I suppose I like 35mm equivalent better. But the GF45 f2.8 (which is the 35mm equivalent) is a lot more expensive and a bit larger.

      In retrospect, If the GF50 was available for the lower price when I got the GFX 50R camera, I would have started with one lens.

      For now, the main purpose of the 63mm f2.8 (50mm equivalent) is for portraits. Except, right now, I’m not making many of them.

      The 50mm f3.5 is smaller and focuses a lot faster than the 63mm. Of course the 63mm will produce a shallower depth of field.

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