Soccer Field and Skyline

Soccer Field and Skyline - Austin, Texas

Soccer Field and Skyline – Austin, Texas

This is the final in the series of my westward trek to get a photo-worthy view of the skyline. I don’t think I entirely succeeded. But this vantage point does afford me an entire north to south view of the central business district in 2020, which realistically only spans about 6 blocks. Austin spreads primarily east to west, so this certainly doesn’t give the most impressive angle of the downtown high-rises.

As I traveled west, I passed open fields and a baseball field. Finally, settling next to this soccer field for my last photo. Every building you see was built less than a dozen years ago. Makes me wonder how small Austin really was until recently. It truly was a sleepy college town.

In the years to come, will the sports fields still be kept? Or will some future building boom render this property too valuable for sports activities?

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