Empty Hike and Bike Trail

Empty Hike and Bike Trail - Austin, Texas

Empty Hike and Bike Trail – Austin, Texas

I’m back in the center of downtown after my recent westerly trek. I’m on the northern side of the hike and bike trail that runs along the banks of Lady Bird Lake. This well-used trail is popular in Austin and is a gem in the city, especially for people who work out or enjoy a stroll through man-shaped nature.

For me, I’m not much for hiking or biking. I typically use a small part of the trail to get to my downtown photography destinations. I suppose it’s a nice walking trail, too. Perhaps a leisurely walk and (camera) shoot might be in order someday.

I made this photo at the end of March, at the height of the pandemic shutdown in Austin. Even the parks might have been closed during that time, which explains why this usually active trail is empty. The bridge in the photo is for trains, by the way. Mostly the freight kind and the once a day Amtrak.

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