Lost Villas

The Fairmount and The Quincy - Austin, Texas

The Fairmount and The Quincy – Austin, Texas

I talked about the Railyard yesterday. A condo complex that, I believe, will be torn down soon and be replaced by high-rises. Today, I feature an open lot that was once the Villas on Town Lake, a condo complex built in 1982. It was demolished a year ago.

I had a photographer friend who lived there, and conveniently I would park at his place when visiting Rainey Street. I didn’t document the complex back then, though, in reality, the low-rise buildings didn’t look particularly impressive.

Now, we have a big opening ripe for new high-rise development, most likely. Though it doesn’t look like much behind the chain-link fence. You do get a nice view of The Fairmont Hotel I talked about recently. The building under construction is The Quincy, which has also made appearances during my Rainey Street coverage.

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4 thoughts on “Lost Villas

  1. There was this interesting disconnect in conversations with people who live in New York City. In one sentence they’d lament about new buildings changing the look and character of a neighbourhood. Then in another sentence complain about the cost of rent in the city.

    1. Yeah, it’s hard to have it both ways. Maybe they can develop buildings that look classic in their appearance that blends in with the neighborhood. Though it might be a lot more expensive.

  2. Hi Andy,
    My exBrother in law lived there too. He got a million for his place. I thought a 50 story condo was going in there. Sure is slow to get started. How’s life? Miss seeing you. Going to Colorado again this week. Back in a couple of weeks.

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