Lounging at the Scenic Overlook

Lounging, Mount Bonnell - Austin, Texas

Lounging, Mount Bonnell – Austin, Texas

Downtown is where I’ve taken the most photos with my Fujifilm GFX 50R. I’ve used it extensively for my black and white documentation project. But, I also want to dabble in landscapes. Nothing serious. I’m not planning any dedicated landscape photography trips. But, I have visited Mount Bonnell on several occasions — one of the more scenic areas in Austin.

On an exceptionally agreeable late April evening, I got there early and was surprised to see so many people. The initial concern over the pandemic had subsided somewhat, and people were starting to gather a little closer. It wasn’t until June when Austin got its highest spike of cases.

With my big camera unmoored from its tripod, I did some street photography. I was cautious, wearing a mask, and staying away from any group. I captured some delightful candids, though ultimately, decided not to stay longer for a landscape photography session. There were just too many people for me to feel comfortable.

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