600 Degrees Pizzeria

600 Degrees Pizzeria - Georgetown, Texas

600 Degrees Pizzeria – Georgetown, Texas

I was heading towards the car to pick up my son when this glowing pizzeria attracted my attention. My son would have to wait a few extra minutes.

We are passed peak blue hour, which I spent capturing yesterday’s courthouse. But, there’s still a hint of blue, especially after I post-processed the image. One of the frustrations of shooting urban landscapes here in Central Texas is the short 10-15 minutes we have to get that beautiful, electric blue. To my surprise, when I was in Amsterdam, the blue hour really lasted that long, or even longer. That was an urban photographer’s paradise, not to mention the fantastic European architecture.

This building doesn’t match the history or ornateness of the European greats, but the warm red glow looks inviting. The restaurant was closed, but I could still make out the last remaining customers finishing their meal.

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6 thoughts on “600 Degrees Pizzeria

  1. Great almost night shot, Andy. Our back porch has a great, unobstructed view of the western skies and I get to see Blue Hour frequently. And cloudy sky sunsets. Breathtaking.

    It’s the same owner as Slapbox in Round Rock. And 600 Degrees is the first parlor we had pizza at after moving here. Their pizzas are pretty good, have you had any?

    The walls of 600 Degrees had a bunch of references to San Jose, CA as that’s where the owner is from, and it took us by surprise to see Silicon Valley represented so deep in the heart of Texas.

    I seem to recall that the GTX store had recently undergone an interior refresh, and that’s how we found out about Slapbox, which is a little closer to our home. Pretty much the same menu.

    Haven’t been back to 600 Degrees since.

    1. Good to hear from you, Russ, Thanks for the info on 600 Degree Pizzeria. I didn’t go inside or eat there because I was being extra careful during Covid. But, sounds like a good place to visit in the future. I still need to make a blue hour photo of the Palace Theater, so I’ll need to head up to Georgetown again.

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