Paramount Facade

Paramount Facade, Congress Avenue - Austin, Texas

Paramount Facade, Congress Avenue – Austin, Texas

For my second photo from Congress Avenue, he’s a closeup of the Paramount Theater’s Facade. The symmetrical architecture has just enough flourishes to emphasize its significance in the community. Back before we had private home movie theaters via flat-screen TVs, places like this are where the city went for entertainment.

The theater opened in 1915, originally as The Majestic, which hosted vaudeville performers. In 1930 it was renamed the Paramount. In 1963, during a renovation, the signature blade was mysteriously lost. It wasn’t until 2015 when it was reconstructed and reinstalled. The blade or sign hanging in the front is not appreciated from this angle. However, you can clearly see it in yesterday’s photo.

I made this image in early April of this year, and you can see the inspirational message on the marquee. The photo is clearly of its time, highlighting the 2020 pandemic. I wonder if the theater had a message back during the 1918 pandemic? Without any cars, however, there is a timeless quality to this photograph.

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