Quiet Congress Avenue

Quiet Congress Avenue - Austin, Texas

Quiet Congress Avenue – Austin, Texas

For the last of my Congress Avenue mini-series, you get to see how desolate it was on the main north-south street in downtown Austin. Courtesy of the first pandemic lockdown in late March and early April.

I’m on 7th and Congress looking north — four blocks up, the Texas State Capitol. On the right, behind the tree, you might be able to make out the the Paramount and State Theaters.

Over the last 25 years, downtown Austin has become quite busy — not only with cars but with a good number of pedestrians. It’s surprising, really. When I moved to Austin, downtown cleared out after 5pm on the weekdays. It was dead on Sundays, sort of like this. Things are starting to return to normal, but I can’t wait until we get the bustle back in downtown, post-pandemic.

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