Republic Square Skyline

Republic Square Skyline - Austin, Texas

Republic Square Skyline – Austin, Texas

Austin has three squares as part of its original master plan. Republic Square is in the southwest corner. When I moved to Austin, only the three low-slung buildings existed near the square. Known as Hobby Building, it contains a lot of state agencies. But, as you know, Austin has experienced nearly relentless development over the last two decades.

The W Austin Hotel opened in December 2010, which is the tall building on the right. In 2019, the Hotel Zaza and Gables Residences opened, which is the building on the left. The building under construction and now topped out is the 32-story office building called 300 Colorado.

Republic Square itself has been re-landscaped and upgraded, better fitting into the increasingly busy and upscale area. This is the view looking southeast. I won’t be surprised if the entire square is surrounded by tall buildings in the not too distant future.

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