H Mart Seafood

H Mart Seafood - Austin, Texas

H Mart Seafood – Austin, Texas

This is certainly not an exotic wet market in some southeast Asian country. But, given the travel restrictions and the less than ideal photography conditions, I’ll take whatever I can get.

The highlight of my week these days is Costco on Tuesday and maybe HEB, a local supermarket, or Trader Joe’s if we are especially daring. Sad but true. When my wife decided to go to H Mart, a large Korean Asian Food Market, I jumped at the chance — shot this past Monday for some more recent coverage. Also, something different from my black and white downtown architecture.

My wife laughed at me for bringing a camera. But, she just doesn’t understand the constant desire for photography and the relentless need for blog content. Posting every day does have challenges. The Canon G1X Mark II, while not my smallest camera, is a good balance between size and image quality. I used it here for some street photography in a supermarket. Does it seem more exotic if I say I made this in Thailand? At least the skills used to create the picture are the same, regardless of the location.

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3 thoughts on “H Mart Seafood

  1. Disappointingly unoriginal ‘do not touch’ notices! Greengrocers in England used to have notices reading “Don’t Squeeze Me ‘Til I’m Yours” ;).

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