H Mart Leading Lines

H Mart Leading Lines - Austin, Texas

H Mart Leading Lines – Austin, Texas

I have one more photo from last week’s visit to H Mart, a large Asian Food Market. I shoot and think so much about architecture that I can’t help but see the structure and leading lines, even in a supermarket.

The modern LED lighting conveniently adds the drama and the lines, along with the shelving, that leads the viewer down the aisle. The effect works on both color and black and white, but I decided on monochrome for a little more abstraction. Generally, I find that black and white looks more artistic.

The Canon G1X Mark II starts at a 24mm equivalent, which is wide enough to create a nice effect. The leading lines’ effect is more dramatic, with wider angles. Over the years, I’ve gotten more adept at doing black and white conversions. I start with a Capture One action that does most of the work, including the steep curves to create a very contrasty look. However, I did some local highlight recovery to pull back some details, especially in the frozen food case, which came out too bright. Of course, you should use RAW for maximum edit-ability.

Note: I just sent out my October newsletter. I also went downtown earlier today for some architectural photography using new gear and a new technique. I’ll probably talk about that in the gear section in next month’s newsletter. It’s been a good photography-oriented Sunday. I hope you had a great weekend.

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