Butterfly Bridge

Butterfly Bridge - Austin, Texas

Butterfly Bridge – Austin, Texas

I’m steps away from where I took yesterday’s photograph, getting a shot of my favorite Bridge. I’ve featured it several times on the blog. However, I always refer to it as the 2nd Street Bridge. I knew it was officially named the Butterfly bridge, but I still prefer my usual designation.

The Fujifilm GFX 50R is still with me, with a 40mm equivalent lens, which is not very wide, especially for urban landscapes. I did manage to fit the salient parts of the structure, the double-arched supports, as well as the surrounding landscape and the newest building under construction.

While the 40mm does not produce any drama, it does give you a perspective similar to what people see. And while wide-angle distortion can have an interesting effect, it can ruin the look of the architecture. You can see that in this photo that I posted nearly three years ago, which I created with an 18mm perspective. Notice the building on the left, The Austin Proper Hotel had just started construction.

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4 thoughts on “Butterfly Bridge

  1. Very good photo, I love the composition and the perspective you obtain with this lens! And indeed the resolution is stunning. I have a Fuji xe3 and I wonder how would it compare. Do I remember correctly that you have one too?

    1. Thank you, Andrea. Yes, I have an X-E3. A fine camera for sure, but the resolution, sharpness, and dynamic range does not compare with the GFX.

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