Environmental Portrait: Damien

Damien and his Motorcycle - Austin, Texas

Damien and his Motorcycle – Austin, Texas

I was downtown, as usual, making architectural photos like I’ve been doing lately. When I noticed Damien and his friend taking snapshots of him posing with his motorcycle. The Butterfly Bridge seems to be a popular place for selfies and portrait shoots. I’ve seen a number of them.

Not surprisingly, they were using a smartphone. I figured I could do better and ask if I can make a portrait. I had my 51MP Fujifilm GFX 50R with me.

I took my camera off the tripod — I was in architecture mode with a small aperture and a slow shutter speed. I quickly adjusted the settings to be more conducive for portraits, something where I can blur the background and shoot hand-held. I composed the shot so that Damien was framed by the arch of the bridge.

This was back in early July, and it was a while since I made a portrait. I love architecture, but I sure miss taking pictures of people. I’ve only had a few sporadic opportunities during the year.

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