Environmental Portrait: Kidanny and Thayamie

Kidanny and Thayamie - Austin, Texas

Kidanny and Thayamie – Austin, Texas

I mentioned yesterday how I haven’t taken many portraits this year. My usual source, Drink and Click, has been shut down since February. And, with the general aversion to getting close to strangers right now, it makes it much harder.

I made yesterday’s portrait of Damien in early July. Today’s couple is from my outing in early September during the long Labor Day weekend. I was downtown documenting architecture and noticed more than the usual number of people during this ongoing COVID situation. I realized they were tourists visiting Austin during the holiday.

Sensing an opportunity, I set my camera for street photography. Which is very different from the way I make my urban landscapes. I noticed Kidanny and Thayamie taking snapshots and asked for a portrait. They were visiting from Dallas.

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