The Challenge of Editing

Morgan - Austin, Texas

Morgan – Austin, Texas

As lovely as Morgan is, it’s time to move on. After nine posts of the same person from the same event, I’m wrapping up this series. Today’s final topic? The challenge of editing pictures. And, by editing, I don’t mean post-processing — that’s become pretty easy. What I mean is editing my library for the best selections. That’s difficult, especially without help.

I suppose that’s why magazines have photo editors to pick the best images for a story. Or the wise practice of getting a second opinion to narrow down pictures for your concise portfolio. I think too many amateurs don’t edit enough, showing an overabundance of similar images in a photo gallery.

Morgan - Austin, Texas

Every photographer makes good and not so good images. I think part of the trick of being thought of as a good photographer is to narrow down what you show to others. I don’t claim to do this well. It’s just that I need to do this as part of my blogging, so I get a lot of practice. I constantly think of which pictures to feature as part of an individual post or photo series.

During this Fujifilm Studio event, I used two cameras. The Fuji GFX 50R and the Fuji X-E3. I shot a lot. After deleting all the obvious duds, and noticeably subpar images, I was still left with 203 total pictures (104 with the GFX and 99 with the X-E3). Out of 203 photos, I showcased 11 in the first 8 posts and 4 more today. I do find it challenging to pick the best or most appropriate images from my library.

Morgan - Austin, Texas

For this last post, all were shot with the GFX 50R. They are black and whites because that what I generally prefer these days for portraits. Along with all my previous images, I think these 15 pictures give a good cross-section of what I shot that day.

I hoped you liked them.

Morgan - Austin, Texas

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