Echo of a Lively 6th Street

Live Performance, Friends on 6th Street - Austin, Texas

Live Performance, Friends on 6th Street – Austin, Texas

I left from the side entrance after shooting the Driskill Christmas Tree, and walked a 1/2 block south to 6th Street. It was dead. Not unusual since it was a Monday and during yet another spike in COVID cases. The pandemic hasn’t been kind to most, especially to a bar-filled entertainment area like Dirty 6th.

Yet, I heard what sounded like live music, faintly, somewhere in the distance. It was almost a ghostly echo of a once lively 6th street. Back before the pandemic, even on slow nights, there would be multiple venues with live performances and cheap drinks — anything to attract a paying crowd. The competition is brisk on 6th Street, though I guess there is no way to compete against a world-wide virus.

I found Friends, a bar just east of the Driskill — the source of the music. Most others were closed, but bars that serve food are exempt from the shutdown. I didn’t go in but shot a few frames from the doorway. I always like how I can get silhouettes against the glow of stage lights near the entrance.

I was shooting free-hand with the Fuji X-E3 and the kit lens, far from the ideal setup. However, dialed up to ISO 5000, the image still looks solid. I compromised with a 1/30 of a second shutter and managed to capture the scene the way I wanted it.

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