Austonian, Framed

Austonian, Framed - Austin, Texas

Austonian, Framed – Austin, Texas

The Austonian is one of my favorites, and I’ve featured it many times on the blog. At 683 feet, this high-end condominium is still the second tallest building in Austin. Though with all the new skyscrapers planned, it is destined to sink in its height rankings.

While I’ve photographed this building from many angles, today’s is a little different. I hit upon the idea of framing it with the surrounding structures.

Though I’m using my Mamiya 28mm equivalent lens attached via tilt-shift adapter, there’s not much shifting going on here. A perfect example of perspective distortion used creatively. I view this photo as a geometric composition rather than a traditional cityscape. The interplay of shapes surrounding the Austonian is what makes this picture stand out.

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